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I'm going to England maybe next week! But i'm scared to take my laptop!!..-.& question.- Read!?

pink laptop bag
by ~kate~

Hi, This is me Sophie. I might be going to England next week m.a.y.b.e
with my mum and we are staying with my nan and grandad. For two weeks.. and i’m SO excited! We are going on an BA airplane. (British Airways). And landing at London Heathrow.
I’m taking my laptop with me. I could of left it but my nan really wants to see it. – So i am and do want to but i’m scared in case somebody snatched it off me in london. (I’m not staying in london – we got to get an taxi to wiltshire) Anyway it probley wont happen! :)
but seriously i was really worried before!!
Fun question!

What size bag shall i take on-board?
What shall i pack for my on board bag?
I have good pockets in my laptop case what shall i pack in there (Just in case i decide that i wont take a on-board handbag)?

OMG! I need some help here! I’m SO confused.

p.s my nan got me lotz of prezziez! Barry M shocking pink mascara!,HSM books,hsm secret diary pillow & loadz morezzz!
Okay, i hate to say but i’ve just published this question and it already says they is four days for people to answer….

Please reply xxxxxxx
Hi, stumpy was it?!
My mum gets it cheap because of my nan.

Anymore answers!!?

You should be fine, however I have a bit of advice. DO NOT get a taxi from Heathrow to Wiltshire, this will cost a huge amount.

Better option would be:
Get Heathrow express to Paddington
Train from Paddington to Swindon
Taxi from Swindon to destination.

Depending where in Wiltshire you are going the drive will be about 2 hours, and very, very expensive.

Will your grandparents be picking you up? I hope so! Not only is it free, but it will keep you safe, too! Yes, if you really want to bring your laptop- do it. make sure you load a bunch of photos on there from home as I’m sure your grandparents would love to see. Just pack it up in your computer bag, don’t check it with your luggage. Your laptop will be your allowed on board bag. Hopefully it has a flap or pockets where you can keep your passport & ticket at hand. If this is a long flight, you may want to throw a good book in the bag as well. Happy travels :)

a week before hand hun?? I dont think someone is going to book a plane ticket a week before hand. Don’t be surprised if you get some crappy seats.

A medium sized carry on like a backpack or something. your crap in a ziplock baggie or something. 3 oz less what ever that is in mL for you. idk.

I went to London Heathrow to catch a connecting flight and it was a HELL HOLE!!!

Even if you are not catching a connecting flight. LIvING HELL!! PACKED PACKED PACKED I tell you!!

and toshiba android tablet

pink laptop bag
by ~kate~

toshiba tablet price get I’m starting college this fall and really need a backpack or messenger bag, not sure what is better for college. I will need it to hold college text books and I do have a Mac book laptop but I don’t need my backpack/bag to have to compartment for my Mac book anyways I would like one online I have been to the malls and stores around me with no luck :[ some colors and things I like

as for my style (I'm sure this does not say much about me) I love hoodies skinny jeans and my worn vans or converses [:

i dont use backpacks.
try Tillys online or in stores, i love that store.
Pacsun might have some.
Tillys is probably your best bet according to your style. i pretty much have the also in college.

I dunno, I like this one

about this one

try L.L. Bean. I still have my 5th grade backpack from there.

Try the brand High Sierra! Its a awesome brand with lots of different colors and styles and they hold up very well! Ive used my High Sierra Swerve for 2 years in college and its still almost like brand new!

head to american apparel.. get a plain backpack because they're awesome.

customise it with pins (of snails.. if you want), ribbons and pretty much whatever.

to me your style sounds like pacsun-ish so here are a few options you have. Im only in high school but im sure these will be fine...

i personally like the first one better but i hope u like them =]

Unless you plan on carrying all your books to class (which no one does in college) I’d say get a messenger bag. Backpacks are a bit juvenile in my opinion.

Try for some cool ones. They have a laptop messager right now on sale at the link below. They are a bit pricey but they will last you all four years of school. And they have super comfy straps so even if you shove all your books in it won’t hurt your shoulder.

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