Thursday, February 16, 2012

Do you know where i can find this Burton BAG?

pink laptop bag
by ~kate~

this is a last years back pack made by Burton .. its pink and blue with polka dots all over it .. my son and i took a road trip to California and my car got busted into and my laptop, canon camera 3lenses .. gps along with this colorful bag were taken …. along with a bunch of other things … anyway …if anyone knows where i can find this bag ..i would really appreciate it … i’m trying to get it for my sons birthday on the 20th of this month …. thank you for anyone with any info …
Sports > Snowboarding Skateboarding Surfing
its a males bag … its called burton high cascade shred scout pack /not black .. but its last years model looks like the pic i put up for me …unfortunely because i cant add pics you cant see it so well .. i know theres a this years model that is all red but thats not the one i’m looking for … thanks for any help … …
no it doesnt have wheels has attachment for skateboard … one strap is pink with yellow trim the other strap is blue with yellow trim ..lots of pockets etc …poka dots all over it …

If you can tell more about it when i go into work I will look it up.

did it have wheels
made for male female
anything on our web page look like it (
date when you first got it and what time of year.
did it come out the year you bought it or was from another

P.S. if would be so kind and to go our web page and find the style it was would really help thanks that would help so much and could tell you if we even have it.


and toshiba portege 3500 tablet

pink laptop bag
by ~kate~

buy toshiba tablet get Ok so my mom got me this as a birthday present, and she was SO excited about it, so I have to use it and can’t return it!! But I was thinking I could exchange it for a different color- she got me the Very Berry Paisly which is just unbearably pink and frilly. What color do you like??

Here is the link to the bag- all the colors are next to it just click on them to see the bag in that color:


None, because all of the patterns are ugly.

I like the Paisly ,second choice would be Nite & day.

I’d get imperial toile, or maybe simply violet. It kinda depends on your favorite color!

i like the first row fourth on down :)

barcelona! i think that one would match with most outfits.

Night And Day :)

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