Wednesday, February 15, 2012


pink laptop bag
by ~kate~

I am turning 13 this summer, and I want some ideas for presents. I already have: a laptop, digital camera, ipod & speakers, phone, t.v. in my room, lava lamp, ipod alarm clock, pink hair dryer & curler, laptop bag, chair for my room, pink fluffy rug, loads of CD’s & DVD’s.

I like novelty stuff, pink stuff, gadgets, unique stuff and useful stuff.
I have the Sims aswell! Oh yh, and a nitendo DS with games. And my bro has a Wii & a playstation which I use!
oh right i see what you mean. thts the stuff i already have at home! not my ideas! lol!:)
no thts wot i’ve got so far! those have been my christmas and birthday presents for like 5yrs aswell!!! :)

the sims game

Ask for a copy of this book:
If you don’t like it, send it to me and I’ll send you whatever it cost.

If your parents balk, buy them a present, either of these two books:

The first one is for skeptics who don’t mind learning a lot.
The second one is for people who quickly recognize honesty and find it easy to trust people even when they talk about ugly truths.

You’re fckin spoiled.


Is all that stuff not enough for you?

That would be my Christmas & birthday present combined for like 5 years!

EDIT: Oh you already have that stuff. What about that new DSi? Or you coiuld always adopt and animal or dolphin or something. That would be fun! Plus no one could probably say that they adopted an animal. Or you could sponsor a child out in the developing world? Maybe a trip to somewhere for a day like a spa day with your mam or sister or best friend?

Yay! happy Early Birthday!!!!!!!

By the way dont ask for all these. Pick the ones you want the most. Otherwise your parents might feel really ba dif they dont get you all of them, and you they cant afford it.

Spa Day
Candy basket? I love candy
Wii fit
New bed sheets? Make it PINK PINK PINK!

What else could you want?
You have everything you could want.

Ask for donations for your local homeless or animal shelter.

Jesus Christ – do you really need any more stuff?! It seems like your parents have spent enough on you buying you that lot and you, yourself, can’t even think of anything else that you need so my suggestions would be to skip a big birthday present and ask to have a few friends round for a party or something instead.

Well, since you already have lots of stuff, why don’t you ask for an experience instead? Like concert tickets or a spa day, or going and doing an activity you like (I don’t know what you like, but an amusement park or rock climbing or a daytrip to somewhere cool).

Happy early birthday! :-]

I have the same stuff nice to know I’m not alone.
Well I’m getting a kindle 2 for my 8th grade promotion. If you like to read it would probably help.
Or try the G1 phone. I have it and it kicks ass!!

and toshiba tablet 3g

pink laptop bag
by ~kate~

toshiba tablet android get i wanted a new bag for my college and i want my laptop and skool stuff to fit in snugly. oy think this is a big enuff bag? btw, my laptop dimensions are roughly H- 9.5″ and L- 13″
can anyone please suggest which 1 is the best in terms of dimension and cuteness ( is this a tote bag? cant really tell)

ps- between brown and pink, wich one is better? thankx! :)

The last one definately.. but honey, did you look at the price? These have to be heavily used or fake.

i like the second one :)

I think the second bag (the pink one is cute). But i an not sure if your laptop will fit, plus other items. Idk but the bag is really cute.

the 3rd one is the cutest but im not sure if all of ur items would fit in there but its ubber cute!!!!! btw the first one isnt a tote

hope this helps

The first one looks fake, and the other two look like they have been used I lot. I would pick the second one though.
If you really like coach handbags, try shopping at one of their factory stores, not one of their regular stores. It’s way cheaper at the factory store. I got a $ 290 bag for only $ 119 plus another 20% off, and clearance items are marked 50% off, and then you get another 50% off at checkout. They have some pretty good deals.

The pink one is hideous, and the brown looks like an old-lady bag. The first one definitely.


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