Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Where can I get this cheaper???? OR ANYTHING JUICY COUTURE? ANSWER NOW---?

pink laptop bag
by Chu❤

I cant say I havent been drooling over Juicy Couture items since I was 13.
But now, at 19, as a college student, I still cant afford one (my parents make me buy my own stuff) since I just blew all my cash on a used laptop -_-

Are there any bags or laptop cases I can get for around 50 dollars???
This is the name of my favorite laptop case:
Juicy Couture Terry Heart Tassel Laptop Computer Sleeve Case Bag Pink–

and I will get ANY purse, I dont care.
(I prefer buy-it-nows ONLY on eBay, and anything discount in the store is a-ok)

At ROSS, TJ Maxx , they have many brand clothes for cheaper than what they really are.. i have seen juicy couture stuff at those stores …try those good luck

online stores like craigslist or juicy couture official website

and toshiba portege 3500 tablet

pink laptop bag
by Chu❤

toshiba tablet windows 7 get okay i know its early but tell me your christians list
im a 13 year old girl heres my list:
pink laptop
victoria secret perfume
victoria secret lotain
limegreen ipod nano chromatic
itunes gift card
digital camera
blackberry storm
juicy couture bag for school(pink)
GirlTech password JOURNAl
sleep wear
Seventeen magazine
xbox 360 game
build a bear workshop

well dam that is one expensive x-mas list…..

and dont get a blackberry storm i have one and it sucks…

I don’t think you need to ASK for money, and the Password Journal is very cheap. My friend has one. And if you want to increase your chances of getting certain stuff then I would say narrow down the list…

well i’m 14 years old… andd here is MY list:
reflex camera¨
a new sims game
sidekick pink
LV monogram canvas bag
alot of clothes
… but dont u think the Password Journal is for little girls ? =/

tone it down a little, u wnt get all that

Wow that’s a pretty big list! XD
I can’t make a list this Christmas~ Since all I’m gonna get is a puppy for the Holiday. But I’m fine with just that~ Although, I know I’ll feel bad on Christmas because someone less fortunate is probably gonna be have a rough Christmas….

lol Im 13 too!!!
My Christmas list is:
A guinea pig
A guinea pig starter kit cage (it comes with all supplies needed)
A Pet Smart gift card (to buy extra supplies for the guinea pig)
A Claires gift card (to buy make up and jewelry)
A wall mart gift card

That’s my Christmas list!!

Merry Christmas! :)

Seriously. You need all that? That’s waaaaay too much stuff for one person. Well, good luck.

Here’s mine:

Ralph Lauren clothing
Aeropostale stuff
The new Halo game

How much Victoria’s Secret stuff must one have?

Christmas is my birthday party. You all are invited and I want about $ 0 on each gift card from each of you… signed, your friend Jesus

iPod Nano OR iPod Touch, iTunes card, chocolate

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