Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Laptop bags for teenage girls under $50?

pink laptop bag
by amanky

trying to find something pretty simple and cute. i like pink, any bright colors. not really a fan of designs, but simple ones are OK.

try amazon!:)

and toshiba tablet

pink laptop bag
by amanky

toshiba m700 tablet get I want an iPad and an iTunes giftcard and a wireless router and MAYBE a Vera Bradley mini laptop bag in Twirly Birds Pink for my iPad or a iPad silicon case
Gosh Phill dont be mean!!!

Who the hell gives a crap? Seriously, why did you put this?

Your list sounds good! Ipads are off the chain for real. But I am hoping for some new TOMS shoes, leopard keds, and new converse. And possibly a Lucky Brand Abbey Road Cross-body bag.

Merry Christmas! :)

I was thinking about getting the iPad myself, but I wanted other things instead. I’m getting new shoes, 2 Wii games, clothes, perfume, jewelry, and that’s pretty much it.

I was gonna ask for an iPad but a few months after Christmas Apple is coming out with the iPad 2 with face time cameras and all that so I’m gonna wait. I want a Sony Dash, Heated car seat covers, a fancy iHome, some sweaters and tops

Nook Color from Barnes & Noble is the hottest new gift on the market now.
iPad does not have USB port. Forget iPad, it’s so last year. Galaxy tab is too expensive. Get Nook Color which has USB port and is better for half the price of iPad from or any Barnes & Noble physical store or BestBuy or Walmart.
Nook Color specs:
- $ 249 with free shipping
- 7 inch Color LG Touchscreen 16 million colors with anti-glare coating 1024 x 600 delivering 169 pixels per inch.
- 8GB built in memory expandable to 32 GB with microSD card.
- 512 MB RAM
- Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), USB port
- OS: Android 2.1
- Processor: TI 800 Mhz ARM Cortex A8-based, 45nm OMAP3621
- Nook allows to lend books for 2 weeks to friends or to your other devices that run B&N app. Barnes & Noble allows (when you walk in with the Nook to B&N store) to read any available eBook for free while in the store via free provided in the store Wi-Fi. With Nook, while in BN store you get exclusive articles from top authors, and great offers including cafe treats and unique deals. There’s over a million of free public ebooks as well as over a million of ebooks that you need to pay for available through Barnes & Noble eBook store. Prices are generally much lower than for physical books.
- Nook Color is better as a color e-Reader than Kindle simply because it has color and Kindle is black and white. Content that greatly benefits from color – such as kids books and magazines – looks much better and sharper on Nook Color’s screen.
- Nook Color is better as an e-Reader in general than iPad. It has a new generation screen which is anti-glare coated and is better performing in sunlight than iPad’s. Also, as it’s smaller in size than iPad, the text appears sharper on Nook’s screen. Also it has 12,000 (more soon) kids books that are built as a game with feedback.
- Nook Color has been picked as the editors choice by PC Magazine while pro reviewers of other sites (CNET, ZDNet, Engadget, AllThingsDigital, etc.) mentioned that it tested to be pretty fast for apps and PDF’s, and has a beautiful screen.
- Overall, Nook Color is more than e-Reader as you can also watch video and use Android applications on it. It’s a hybrid device, much more than just an e-Reader but not a full tablet as it doesn’t have a camera. If all you want is to read novels, Kindle (or the original e-Ink Nook) might be better for you. If you want something more from your device at half of the price of iPad or Galaxy tab, then Nook Color is your best bet.
- Nook (unlike Kindle) can be used for library ebooks.
- Nook (unlike Kindle) can be used for renting text-ebooks.

I want the ipad, the Bluetooth keyboard, iTunes gift cards, and a case.

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