Friday, February 17, 2012

which bag should i get for school?

pink laptop bag
by ~kate~

choice 1:

Which color backpack for the one above? ^^^^^^

choice 2:

and again which color? don’t say pink, light blue, or green please.

Don’t even mention totes, because i carry my laptop to school.
that’s why a messenger is convenient i can just slip my laptop in it and go

I say the second bag in copper

Either the first one, Burlap color…or the second one, Purple color

Defintitlee the American Eagle one

I’d get the dark purple one with red logo for the ae bag and the dark red from jansport. Neither one will show dirt or wear very much and would go with lots of outfits. I like the first choice in dark purple with red the best. Very cute!! : P

I like the first one in burlap.

The first one :B

and toshiba tablet android

pink laptop bag
by ~kate~

new toshiba tablet get
I’m selling these bags made from non recyclable waste collected by the trash pickers of Jakarta, Indonesia….They are made from Plastic detergent pouches and they smell really good…they come in green,pink,blue,purple and orange…We carry
Billboard bags
Messenger bags
laptop sleeves
tote bags
pencil cases
and book covers
If you would like one please email me…no rude comments please

No thanks.

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