Sunday, February 19, 2012

Do you think i am spoiled?

Okay A lot of people call me spoiled!, well i shop at hot topic, forever 21, aeropostale and Hollister
i have a pink DS a white DSI i have a purple camera , i have a black flip phone i have a pink i pod, a white itouch a black M3P, my room is pink with poster’s of Kesha an lady gaga i have stuff animals every ware, my bed has a curtain, i have a white dresser , a night stand with a stuff animal and a hello kitty alarm clock , i have a Pink dell laptop an a acer desktop oh and i have a purple bean bag, i;m not trying to be cool? Do you think my mom and dad spoil me??

You’re kind of spoiled, sure.

But being spoiled isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I wish I had all those thinks when I was younger. How old are you by the way? You do sound a little spoiled.

yes. and you’re self-absorbed and you like to brag about what you have,

sounds like u have a nice life, at least materially, but why would I deduce that ur spoiled just from the summary of things that u have and places u shop?

I would say not. There’s nothing wrong with having money to get stuff. Besides, you probably deserve the stuff you get. Don’t let people get to you because they are jealous, (:

Now I know which house I’m going to rob tonight ^-^


As long as you appreciate what your Mom and Dad give you, you’re not spoiled.

So, since you found out you actually ARE spoiled, will anything change in your life?

and toshiba tablet review

toshiba folio 100 tablet get My husband and I Exchange 1 gift at Christmas he usually gets me very nice jewelry which I’m not a big jewelry person I get him a new watch or knife each year because he breaks and loses them all the time, so he wants me to pick out my gift this year but I’m torn between a pink punching bag and boxing gloves (I’ve wanted that for 4 years) or Windows 7 for my laptop. Which should I go for? I really want the punching bag and gloves because my husband is going to teach me boxing and kick boxing and self defense, I need the Windows 7 because my laptop and my only way of doing my home based job is in dire need of updating before it fully crashes.

Duh. The Windows has to do with earning money, and the punching bag is a hobby. This is a no brainer.

Ask for Windows 7 and give your husband the punching bag and boxing gloves and ask if you can share them so that he can teach you

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