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Q&A: Looking for a good laptop that can play The Sims3 smoothly.?

pink laptop bag
by ~kate~

So, I’ve been looking for a good laptop for the last five months…Yes, F.I.V.E months…So, help? I really want one that can play The Sims3 smoothly for around 700 (Yes, I know, but I’m young and poor) I might be able to swing 50 or a hundred more but something in that price range would be the best…I know it’s a tall order, but this is pretty much my only hope as we live soooooo far out in the middle of nowhere we can’t get internet out here and the only way I’ll be able to is if I have a laptop and we go to town…Uh, here are some things that it HAS to have:

Multi media card reader. (The thing that reads SD cards) I do a LOT of photography, I mean like a lot. My photos folder is over 16GB, so if it doesn’t have the card reader, I don’t want it. (Sorry)

Optical Drive that can read and write. I would also very much like a drive that can write CD/DVDs as I’ve become quite “backup happy” after my old desktop kicked it and I lost all of my data. (Oh the horror!) Oh and Light scribe direct disc lab ling would be awesome!

Long battery life. 5-7 hours would be GREAT but it’s optional.

Backlit keyboard. Yeeeessss, I write a LOT, so, keyboard gooood.

RAM. Doesn’t have to be really high as the only game I play on a computer is the Sims.

Memory. I’d like one that has lots of space, 320 to 500 would be great although I could settle for less.

Color. I don’t really mind what the color is although red an purple are my favorites.

Screen. Also doesn’t really matter although I do prefer smaller ones. (Yes, I’m strange…I also have pink hair…)

Weight. Again doesn’t matter as I the bags I carry are so heavy I think I can handel anything now. Alllllthough, smaller and more portable is goooood.

Uh, well, I think that’s it. I know it’s a lot to ask, but I’m not a hardcore gamer and the only games I would be playing are the Sims soooo…Help? If I remember anything else I’ll update.

Operating system. Vista with a free windows upgrade would be ideal, although I’m always open to tying new things!

Thank you soooooo much for the help!

hp hdx 16t

It is a tall order, and I can’t give you a computer, but I can lead you in the right direction. try these three companies.
Acer- great laptops all around. Can run most games on full graphics smoothly.
Alienware- more expensive, but you can fully customize your laptop and they are known to be the best.
HP- The most reliable computer comany that companys will choose. In fact, it is the army standard (well, the HP printers anyway :P )

I know you said you don’t have internet where you are but it you are willing to driving into town to get it then try buying a laptop from Ebay. And no I don’t mean a used clunker. You can buy new laptops from Ebay wholesalers for pretty cheap. This is how i got my laptop( i paid $ 800 and it should have cost $ 950+)

This laptop might be a bit out of your reach money wise and it is on the large side. But it should run your Sims with not hiccups. Plus it has everything you asked for.

This is the same laptop just not as supped up. But it fits your price budget better but lacks so of the nicer things.″>laptop

From my personal experience get the first one because you won’t have to replace it as early down the road.

and toshiba new tablet

pink laptop bag
by ~kate~

toshiba tablet get im in college, so ill need to be able to fit my laptop into it, and i dont want a back pack…

what do you think of (in pink)

or (in black)

if you know of anything (affordable please, keep in mind im a full time college student part time worker!!) send me the link!

1st, even though i love llarge acoste logos lol , i think the longer handles are a must

neither, try hollister or abercrombie. Abercrombie had a really cute one called Adele but im not sure if they have it anymore

I like the pink one. It’s cute and stands out a little.

i like both.!
-but prolly the pink.


I go for black. any of the two will do as long as they are black because when your studying and working at the same time you would not have time to wash your pink bag every now and then.

Honestly, You can find something a lot cheaper than Lacoste..
Looks to me that your style is sort of preppy?
Try Aeropostale. It’s reasonably affordable.

The first one is great. It’s cute, large enough for your books and has wide straps for comfort.

first one

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