Friday, February 17, 2012

Q&A: I think I have packed too much stuff. What do you guys think?

pink laptop bag
by angel

Im going to Destin FL next week for a week


Bag one(main med. suitcase)
Happy bunny hoodie
Red short sleeve jacket
Black "interview" Jacket

Happy bunny shirt-purple
Sunburst shirt
Black top-long sleeve
Black tank top
Pink cami top
Yellow top
2008 9-11 camp shirt


2 pr Capri's
1 pr jeans
2 black skirts
1 white skirt
Hannah Montana socks

2 bras
8 undies

Med Box(small sterilite box, bag 2, in car with me)
Birth Control
Pack of gum
Copy of meds
pressed powder
q tips
eye makeup remover
Baby wipes

Bag 3 small duffel
flip flops
black flats

Bag 4 Hello Kitty Duffel- small (in car with me)
Pageant portfolios x 2
mp3 player
AAA/AA batteries
Neopets Army
(folded up) Hello Kitty beach bag
$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $
DS games

Laptop/bag/charger/ethernet cord

Did I forget anything?

avoid long sleeve and jeans and jackets beacuse florda’s hot im going on wendsday for the 9th time and i’m 11 so iwould just bring 7 pairs of clothes and the rest of the stuff u said oh yea and undergarments!!! :}

Useful rule: Cut by half the objects you take; double the money.

Motels usually have a guest laundry. Plan to use it. You can buy anything you need. Don’t take anything unless you plan to actually use it.

Skip the jeans and long-sleeved shirt unless you know you’ll absolutely need them – it’s way too hot down here in the South for those right now. Go for bermuda shorts and short-sleeves instead.

You forgot sunscreen – don’t go without it if you go to the beach. You will regret it.

Have a great trip!

and toshiba android tablet

pink laptop bag
by angel

toshiba tablet pc get I’m trying to raise enough money so I can buy the Denver Broncos and become the owner so I can meet Tim Tebow so he can meet me too and maybe love me back♥

I am selling 3 iPods, a pink laptop, a Sidekick, a huge plasma TV, my 68th YA account, several Abercrombie & Fitch pieces of clothes, a signed Fall Out Boy poster, my whole Disney collection, a Tiffany & Co. bracelet and necklace, some A-graded papers, an autograph book with the signatures of several Disney characters, a purity ring, 6 locks of my gorgeous hair, 2 best answers, a fake Coach bag, and several worn and unwashed 34DD bras from Victoria’s Secret.

Also, if anyone is interested in purchasing one of these items, you are welcome to contact me and we can discuss prices.

I’m thinking the brassieres will fetch a higher price than your 68th Y!A account: Your Y!A accounts have a shorter half life than goldfish.

You wouldn’t have to part with all that cool stuff if you just sell Uranus, Princess.

You always amuse me, Princess.

Good luck with Tebow.

Put out a calendar of yourself and hit every pub, gin joint and beer parlor to sell it.

Well, darling, you could try eBay…if you don’t quite make enough, then I think that darling Jingles has the right idea – you should make a calendar and some posters, like Farrah (who also had awesome hair), and raise the money that way.

You should make enough to buy two Denver Broncos teams.


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