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Hospital bag for my little guy, myself, and the hubster...... What am I missing?

Hiya ladies… So, I have been trying to get our hospital bags together…. I am 35 weeks today and just trying to figure out if I’m missing anything that might be helpful for when I’m in the hospital. Here is a list of what I have so far, please let me know if I’m missing anything that you might think is important, or helped you out when you were in the hospital!

I also want to add, that I would like to pack some-what light, I just dont want to bring a bunch of unnecessary items… During my hospital tour, the nurse made it clear I didnt need to bring any diapers, wipes, or bottles (unless I plan to bottle feed, in which I dont, I’m breast feeding) because they provide all that. Thanks!!!

For the little guy:

take home outfit (including a little hat and socks)
1 newborn, and one 0-3 onesies (depending on how big he is at birth)
1 swaddle blanket/outfit
2 newborn pacifiers (sterilized and in a plastic bag)
car seat and car base
1 blanket
wipes (you never know when you’ll need extra!)

For me:

the general toiletries (hair brush, tooth brush and paste, contact solution and case, glasses, mini bottle of shampoo and conditioner, hair bands, soap)
going home outfit (PJ pants, t-shirt and a hoodie)
2-3 pair of underwear
1-2 bra’s
pink fuzzy house slippers! haha
flip flops
1-2 pairs of socks
pillow from home
obviously, my purse with my insurance info, ID, credit cards
cell phone charger
camera and digital camera

the hubster:

PSP and charger (first thing on his list!)
change of clothes
cell phone, wallet, keys
cash and change for vending machines

I think I have it pretty much covered.. I’ve never had a baby before, so I dont know if there are any items I’m missing…. Also, I know a lot of people say to bring some sort of laptop, or something to entertain yourself, and I just cant imagine needing anything like that. Please correct me if I’m wrong though! Thanks!

Depending on how quickly your labor goes it may be a good idea to bring something to entertain yourself. I got through 2 movies when I was in the hospital before my labor really got into gear. I did walk around to try to get the contractions going, but there was also a lot of waiting and there were times where it was quite boring. Plus, having something to distract you helps take your mind off of the contractions.

You are doing a gret job being organized. We are also expecting any day now and have the bag ready. I forgot about the cell phone charger. This is out 2nd baby. Dont stress out too much about this. Your husband can go home to get anything you forgot. Most important is the camera, you want to make sure you got the pictures. I recently made sure to charge the camera batteries.

Just make sure you bring make up. You got to look good for the pics and of course things to keep you and your hubby entertained. We made a lot of use out of a portable DVD and playing cards.

Have you checked with the hospital on what they supply/ their rules and regulations? The hospital I delivered at only supplied cloth diapers (no coveres) so I brought my own. My husband was not allowed to stay the night so I didn’t need any clothes or toiletries for him. I only stayed the night she was born and was sent home the next day so I didn’t need much for myself either. I never wore my own clothes either since I bled so much after I would have ruined my pj’s and undies. I went home in the clothes I came in. Are you nursing or bottle feeding? If nursing then you might want breast pads (I leaked right from the get go) or a nursing pillow if you have one.

Hi dear no need to carry bra if u planned for brestfeeding and try to take sanitary napkins

You are packed! It sounds like you have it all. Maybe 1 extra pair of underwear for you… because birth is kinda messy… so at least a pair you don’t really care about. lol! Also I brought 1 pillow for me and 1 for my hubby.. but the hospital beds are so uncomfortable I stole his too! lol! So 1 more pillow would never hurt :) So excited for you! Doesn’t all just seem still surreal? That’s how I felt :) Oh yea… maybe a small snack too that won’t go bad if u need food like right after.

Chapstick, your lips are going to get dry :)

Well I had to stay an extra night because my daughter had jaundice and because she was born at 11h47pm. I suggest you bring more shirts because if you have to stay even 12h you probably won’t want to be in a gown all that time so bring 1 more. You might bleed threw your underwear. My hospital ran out of net undies so I used my own and I had to throw away 4 pairs, because the bleeding was heavy and I was having trouble with the pads. I just brought the ones that I was ready to throw away anyways. Bring snacks from home, they are great at night when all is close and hubby is sleeping. I gave birth with sunglasses because they had 2 lights with mirrors on the sealing. They where stronger then truck headlights. Make sure your pillow case is of a bright color so it does not get confused with the hospital pillows. bring cards, it might take awhile. Don’t forget socks for the little guy so he does not scratch his hands.

It looks like you have just about everything, not missing anything big, but you should probably bring something to enterain yourself. Labor could be long, and if you have an epidural, you may just be sitting, waiting for several hours. After you have the baby, you’ll have a lot of down time, too. There may be times when hubby’s gone out, and you’re alone, wishing you had at least a magazine to look at (I know I did) Also, I remember waking up early in the mornings, and not being able to sleep. You may end up having a c-section, and have to stay a day or three longer than you expected. I had my son on a Wednesday at 7:45 a.m. and didn’t go home until Saturday at around 4 p.m. During those 4 days, I didn’t always have someone visiting, and at the time I really wished I’d have brought my laptop, a book, some magazines, or at least something!

ETA: I’ve noticed people saying to bring extra underwear, and sanitary pads – this is something you should check with your hospital about. The hospital where I delivered provided the hospital grade sanitary napkins (specifically for after delivery) They were extra big, because just a normal one won’t cover it. They also provided extra-stretchy hospital underwear. You may not like the idea of wearing it, because it’s big and not attractive at all, but I had a c-section, and was glad to have them, because with my own underwear, the elastic band was digging right into my incision!!!

Check with the hospital, because some provide them, and some don’t. If they don’t, you may want to go out and buy a few pair of underwear that are loose fitting, granny style, etc, and the biggest most absorband pads you can find.

Also, bring some snacks for yourself for after delivery. It was only because of the c-section, but after delivery, they made me stay on a clear liquid diet until I could have a bowel movement, (but how could I do that if the wouldn’t let me eat!) I had to have my husband sneak me in some food,because I was starving, and had nothing to eat between breakfast Tuesday morning, and my husband sneaking me food on Thursday evening.

Chap stick for your self. Your lips get sooo dry. I would suggest leaving your purse at home and just taking insurance card and your id. Don’t want to loose your purse during a room change. ( Not sure how your hospital is but at mine we delivered in one room and was moved to another room after baby was born.) Let hubby keep up with insurance card, id and creditcards. I would bring extra socks because the floors are cold!
For your little one don’t forget to pack his baby book. You can ask the nurse to put his feet prints in the book when they are doing it for his birth certificate.
Congrats on your little guy!

and toshiba tablet pc

toshiba tablet 2011 get Hi, I am considering getting a laptop, and I want to know where the best accesories can be found. I am either getting a MacBook or a Dell Insprion (MOST-LIKELY MacBook) So what accesories can I get for it? Like cases, bags, etc.?

I Like:
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oooh yeah, can you please give links?

get a coach carrying case and a matching case for your ipod!

well i suppose you could go to some store and get a few heart sticky things that u can put in ur ds itll be small but its still accessories 4 ur laptop u could probably get it at super wallmart hope i wasnt a waste of ur time

Dell. Looks for your computer DON’T MATTER! I have one, it’s shiny and pretty. My cousin has a Dell that is beautiful and pink. However, she has no space on her computer, because it sucks. She went for beauty, not quality. You’ll be happier with a good computer.

Who cares what the case looks like? Looks aren’t everything!!

most likely,
where you get the laptop
will be where you can get accessories.

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