Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Which bag should I use for my 14.1 laptop?

pink laptop bag
by angel

Do you think the bag from victoria´s secret pink is appropiate for a laptop?


I want a cute tote or something like that if you have something better plz share :)

You’ll probably want some kind of sleeve or other padding. It looks to me that the tote won’t protect the laptop the way it should be.

I got a free laptop from this site, I highly recommend it!

you know victoria’s secret has laptop bags, right?
they’re around 30 dollars or so

and toshiba m200 tablet

pink laptop bag
by angel

toshiba portege m400 tablet get my laptop it large and all of the pretty designed laptops seem to be fore 10inch laptops.
i’m looking for a pink or purple or just pretty laptop bag/cover/case but i’m having no luck.

does anyone know any good ones or have advice on finding one?

please and thank you xx

Go to Best Buy

In before “macbook”

If you order a Dell Inspiron from Dell’s website, you can pay to have it whatever color you want. just go to their website to the inspirons to the 15 inches and go through the customization process.

Take a look at this site where there are many good priced cool and trendy laptop bags in pink or purple!


Hope this helps!

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