Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Laptop Gift?

I got my gf a a very nice laptop for her birthday present (dec 20) and i’ll give her the bag for it for christmas. now… i got her the black laptop but they have eight colors… (black, blue, brown, green, yellow, pink, red and white) and i got her the red and black bag (belkin messenger case). the have those in black and red, green and white and pink and white. do you think i should change the order and pick other colors for the bag or the laptop? maybe keep the black laptop and order the pink and white bag? maybe both pink? maybe keep the blk and red bag and get the navy blue laptop?? please help! :(
i forgot, theres also a black and blue bag
i mean brown and blue… my bad :P

pink and white!

i think that the bag should be dark and the lap in some diff and nice color.Try for the lap her favorite color.


i love thoes colors but thats cause im goth but its very simple and she can have that for a long time if shes like 25 or somthing she can have that for like two years and then start her own busniess and you cant have a pink laptop for a serius busniess

make the laptop her favorite color. and then coordinate the bag

black-black and red case
blue-blue and brown case
brown-blue and brown case
green-green and white case
yellow-green and white
pink-pink and white
red-black and red (OHH THIS WOULD BE SO COOL. haha)
white-green and white OR pink and white.

but don’t stress too much, who could complain when they are getting a laptop?

I like your original choices just fine. Definitely keep the laptop, it will show less scratches. I like blue so I might get the black and blue bag if that’s a choice, but black & red is sharp. I think she’ll love them.

What a generous guy.

I do not know your girlfriends age or yours. If she is a student, you could safely choose whatever colors she enjoys.

If you and she are more mature adults, in the working world; a black laptop is more appropriate and professional looking in the workplace.

Way you may want to do is give her the gifts that you choose, the black laptop and then the red and black bag, and let her decide if she wants to change the bag or not, due to the color combination.

You sound like a wonderful and caring boyfriend. That is a very nice birthday and Christmas gift.

I am sure that your girlfriend is going to be thrilled.

Merry Christmas to you both and your families also.

and toshiba android tablet

toshiba new tablet get I’m getting a dell laptop thats a 15.6″ inspiron so can anyone tell me where i can get a playby laptop bag online thats as big as mine? most are like 10-15.4″…and if u cant i need some sexy pink ones kinda like playboy, like ones with cherries or something that says something cute and wild, it can even have candy, i like hot pink so if anyone can help me out with the laptop bag id appreciate it..let me know thanks!

Oh come on now lol, that’s cheesy

Just get a black case and put a playboy sticker

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