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are backpacks cool in college?

pink laptop bag
by ~kate~

I have my first day of college in 10 days and I’m hoping to pick up my books sometime next week. My question is for other college girls out there…what do you use to carry your books? I bought a backpack today, it’s pretty cute I guess, but it’s pink and navy and I’m afraid it might sometimes clash with my outfit since it’s pretty loud. I have high school age friends who are girls and they all carry tote bags from some place like Hollister or American Eagle for their books. I also know this guy whose going to the same college as me and he bought a backpack with built in laptop case.

Of course I want something cute and functional. I was thinking of buying a Pink tote bag from victoria secret..seen here….…but I thought it might be too big. Plus I don’t want to come off as some super high maintenance girly girl who carries all her books in her purse.

The main problem is that I was home schooled in high school and I don’t really know what is normal these days for book carrying. I feel like a colorful backpack might be childish but a big bag too girly. What should I do?

Also, at this point I don’t plan too carry my laptop. And I will only need to carry 3, maybe 4, text books a day.

I won’t have to walk a lot. It’s a small campus and all my classes for this semester are in one building.

Great question, in hs i carried a backpack and a bookbag both, but for college, I’m going more grown up and getting a leather bookbag

idk how big ur campus is, but after walking around for an hour a day to get to classes, you sure as hell better have a good way to carry ur shit. aka, a backpack. so yes, its a good idea, whether its “cool” or not. but if it helps, everyone has one. and the laptop holder is actually very useful

you could have a handbag,messenger bag something like from one of those bags from areopostale or abrocrombie and fitch

What’s nice about college is that no one cares anymore. I mean, you’re going to a much bigger facility than high school and you are too busy to take notice in what other people are wearing or doing (unless it’s obnoxious of course). I found it much easier to make friends when I was a freshman and sometimes having a backpack is nice when you have to walk a lot. Shoulder bags (totes) tend to hurt. I have a shoulder bag but I mean, not because I wanted people to notice. I do however, notice a lot more people using totes than backpacks but I think it’s whatever you find comfortable. I see people using backpacks too and no one seems to care. Good luck this semester!

Like someone else said, the good thing about college is that no one seems to care. I’ve seen people carry either tote bags or bookbags, in all sorts of patterns and colors. If you’re carrying 3 or 4 textbooks a day, I’d stick with the bookbag you mentioned. Trust me. I tried the tote bag thing and it didn’t work with that amount of books, unless you’re going to keep some in your car and go back to get them between classes.

But yeah, bookbags are fine for college. =]

Here’s some better questions: how far do you have to walk? How fast can you run with one? How heavy are the books?

It’s not about being “cool.” (College students don’t really care.) If it’s necessary, you’ll need to wear it. Girls at college carry backpacks or tote bags depending on how much they have to carry to class and the distance from their place to their class. (It doesn’t matter if you can just drive to your class) Backpacks are easier if you need more stuff.

Sure, it is practical and much better than those burlap-sack bag things.

u should try a hand bag!

I carried a messenger bag my freshman year of college and it was probably the worst mistake I made. Backpacks and totes are probably the way to go. It depends on the person, do you care about looking stylish or would you rather go with something comfy that you won’t feel pain from after wards. In college people really don’t care about what you carry, personally I was one of the few people that didn’t carry a backpack.

and toshiba android tablet

pink laptop bag
by ~kate~

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of course she is!!!!!!!


Well, it depends. Did you buy all that stuff for her, or did she? If you did, then yes she is spoiled. If she worked for her toys then, no she is not spoiled.

No I don’t think she’s spoiled. I think it’s great that she’s got all those great things in her life. I hope she goes far.

Anyone who says she is they’re probably just jealous. Just be happy for her.

But omg aren’t the Iphones amazing! I love mine.

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i really cant tell if she is spoiled or not i dont think its the things you have that make you spoiled but the way you act when you get things and how you act towards ppl…

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