Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home, Version 11

I read several good reviews of DNS and purchased it because I have a neurological condition which causes my fingers to be stiff with loss of feeling making typing difficult. However, below is my experience with it (I am typing this.)

I have a Dell computer with six processors and 6 GB of memory with Windows 7. I used the microphone that came with DNS 11.5 an also bought Andrea Anti-Noise NC -181VM USB. I performed all the necessary training exercises.

Has anyone else encountered any of these problems? Can you recommend solutions? Thanks. Having done software development for 30 years, I cannot imagine a company putting out a product that works so poorly. It is extremely embarrassing for them. Problems seem to get worse the longer I use it.

Frequently crashes.

Frequently freezes and must be restarted. If the dictation box was being used, this also causes the host program to become unresponsive and must be restarted as well.

Cannot enter text directly into WordPerfect and must use dictation box.

The Transfer button on the dictation box frequently does not work; the window disappears but the text is not transferred and is lost. Or is the text placed on the clipboard.

The error message, "COM returned an unexpected error code. Details are HOOKERR_NONOTIFYWINDOW", is frequently received and the program must be restarted. I found a proposed solution that instructs to change options in Adobe Flash Player but I am not using that at the time.

Many words are not detected while speaking and are omitted in the generated text.

If there is no speaking for even as few as 15 seconds, there is a long delay on resumption of text generation and the word "him " is entered as many as a couple dozen times. Or the program freezes. It takes as much as a couple minutes for the program to catch up and all the "him"s must be deleted. This is the most frustrating problem of all.

Not all commands work for a particular program. Just one example, when the "correct that" command is spoken, a small yellow text box appears with "correct that" highlighted, but the command is not performed.

Some of the text generated is not even remotely close to what was spoken.

Always inserts a left justification code when using the dictation box.

Requires careful proofreading because it makes so many mistakes.

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