Thursday, June 21, 2012

What is a good subject matter for a biochemistry mock grant proposal?

I am a senior in school and I am in my 2nd semester of Biochemistry. I require to create a grand proposal concerning a subject I ought to investigation and design an experiment for. What intriguing subject ought to I focus on? Does any person know any current topics that researchers are scrutinizing?

It can bargain with any molecular processes involved with biological systems that is at the moment unidentified and requires analysis. It would also be useful if it pertained to some thing helpful that would possibly get a grant.

Thanks considerably!

If this is to be genuinely used you need to select one thing that is intriguing to you, or else you may uncover it a battle later on on.

But in terms what you could use, normally choose a ailment (favourite that get funding- most cancers) and Grant Proposal Subjects say how does one thing influences the advancement/assists avert (in the scenario of drug treatment method)/lowers or will increase the expression of. one more topic which is just lately finding much more funding is creation of compoter models to be employed insetead of animals/humans (you are going to need a truthful knowledge of programming) e.g. if you ended up to rub n-3 fatty acids on the pores and skin of people what impact does it have.
another topic not medically associated, biodisels. how to make them, what to use tham for and so forth.

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