Thursday, June 21, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III GT-i9300 16GB Unlocked Android Smartphone - International Version

I got my S3 in white yesterday, I had the iPhone 4s before but I played before with the s2 that I already liked. The phone feels great in hand, it's super fast. I like the fact to expand memory by micro sd and that you can change battery. Battery Life is great for me so far, looking forward to explore more features. In case you have the htc one x, I think you don't need to upgrade, otherwise I can highly recommend it, it's not feeling so huge than the Note.

Are you on AT&T? How is the service? Is the 3G fast enough? Really stupid question - can you use the standard US charger? I think it comes with a charger that fits 220 V European outlets.
i just ordered one of these and sold my ONE X because i would take a Samsung over an HTC any day of the week. I liked the ONE X, but even though the one x has better shutter responsiveness and takes a much faster image, my GS-II epic 4G takes a much more clear pic. Especially when i zoomed in really close to check for a code that i could not otherwise see on a differential that we needed to ID at my transmission repair shop. So I am really excited to see how much better the new GS3 camera is! Does it have a better cam or atleast a fast shutter ?
Any micro usb charger will do. Most of today phones use one of those, RIM's BBs, Amazon Kindle Fire, all androids I've found so far. If you have a micro usb charger you can charge it from an standard usb port, even the iphone charger if you have the cable just plug it in.

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