Sunday, February 12, 2012

Q&A: Coloured Laptop Bags/Cases??

pink laptop bag
by amanky

I’m going away on a few trips in the next year and I want a bright coloured, preferably pink, laptop bag. I’ve checked all the shops and eBay, where else can I get one??

Louis Vuitton





Amazon has lots of pink ones.

I got mine via for a very fair price. I was happy with the company that I purchased it from.

I saw some at Staples in their store, you might try their website, I found a pink one on office depots web. has some fairly priced, nice looking ones. I bought a really cute pink one for a friend from there. I’m surprised you didn’t find anything good on eBay though, but keep checking there since you never know when a good deal will be listed. I would also suggest random searches on google to see what e-stores it might bring up. It takes a little bit of hunting if it’s a good priced deal you’re looking for but also a nice quality item that will protect your laptop. Good luck!

I found several laptop bags on the website, mainly pink. Just key in pink laptop bags and you should see a selection.

and buy toshiba tablet

pink laptop bag
by amanky

toshiba tablet release date get A low cost, over the shoulder messenger bag sort of thing. It could carry a laptop and textbooks. It also needs little pockets to put my Itouch, pencils, and phone in. Not like ,a thin strap purse. But a practical messenger bag. No pink, or boring browns and stuff. So PLEASE help!!

incase brand look on urban too

Check out Knomo bags ( for bags in a range of colors for both women and men. For corporate bags for men check out Hip Industries (

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