Monday, February 13, 2012

How durable do you think this VS laptop bag is?

I’m a college student and I’m pretty clumsy, and this bag will either be carried alone or inside my backpack (which can take a beating on the bus sometimes). I love VS Pink though, but I’m wondering if anyone knows if there is any padding on the inside like other laptop carrying cases/bags? Thanks!

(Please don’t link me to other laptop cases!)

It is Victoria’s Secret.. It can’t be very good value! For a sturdy bag, go to a place that specializes in either leather goods or bags which can ensure you good quality.

Thats sooooo cute!!!! Totally get it!!! U have such great taste!!!!!!!

Being a guy, i think it is a really nice bag. I would say as far as durability is i would sat yes it is really good. I would check the interior aspects of it. Just to make sure it is cushioned enough so no damage to the laptop is done.

and toshiba folio 100 tablet

toshiba m400 tablet get I found a messenger laptop bag and I’m deadset on this style/brand, but I can’t decide which color I want.

Here is pink with white polka dots:….lap%2006%20pnk%20wht%20dot
The pink with white polka dots is one of my favorites, but I’m afraid it’s too gaudy. Do you think I should go for a solid-colored blue or gray?

Here’s a light blue:…..lap%2006%20bab
Here’s an electric blue:…..LAP%2006%20BLU
Here’s a gray:…..lap%2006%20gray%20web

Please let me know which you like best!

It depends which one fits your personality and look the best.. I would get the pink.
*If you’re really bubbly/outgoing and girly, then definetley get the pink, it’s not at all too gaudy.
*If you’re outgoing and fun but not as girly and bubbly then get the light blue. It would also look really good with blonde hair.
*If you’re more mysterious/pretty, and mature get the electric blue. It would look amazing with brunette hair.
*And get the gray if you’re… actually I don’t know what you would get the gray for.. no offence its just so blahh, that black would even look better than that :]

Get a life

i personally think the pink one is CUTE :)

Pink. The blues and grey seem boring,and not worth spending as much,so I’d definatly say pink with dots, and its soooo not gaudy,totally trendy

i think the electric blue is ugly & the grey one is too bland. I like the pink polka dot one the best & the light blue one is OK

I would get the brightest easiest one to spot from a distance.
Just imagine someone steals it from you while you’re ordering coffee, you could track them from blocks away!

I looked at all of them with an open mind, the pink bag won hands down, why unique, cute, stylish an you are not apt to get it stolen as the color is so bright people could see it. love it want one myself. I bought a solid pink a couple of years ago and have gotten many compliments on it. bottom line go with what you like best, what is going to make you feel good every day that you look at this bag. good luck.

To be honest, I’m not all too crazy with any of these bags, sorry. But if had to vote, definately the pink with white polka dots. The others are so boring. And the pink one looks fun and girly and way cuter than the other two.
Go with it!

I like the pink and white, it’s unqiue and girly, not gaudy. The plain colour one’s are boring, everyone has one of those. If you like the pink get it, why bother being the same as everyone else! =]

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