Friday, August 30, 2013

Meet the Xerox Color 8250 Production Printer Service


The Xerox Color 8250 Manufacturing Printer is a new production printer with a distinction, it prints on plain lower sheet paper.  No coating necessary.  The printer is wonderful for companies that print variable knowledge and transactional prints these kinds of as charges and invoices. 

The machine has a print velocity of 8,250 total procedure shade letter 4/ impressions for each hour (137.five per moment) that is quick.  If you are in the sector that makes use of this kind of printer you know how rapidly that is and how that coupled with the plain paper capacity can reduce your costs and increase your profits. 

The Xerox Colour 8250 can create Textbooks & Manuals, Immediate Mail, Transactional Promotional documents.  Many of us could soon be receiving material in our mailboxes printed on the Xerox Coloration 8250 Manufacturing Printer. 

Locate out much more about the printer by browsing the Xerox Coloration 8250 Generation Printer.  There you will locate videos, brochures and in Duck depth specifications about the equipment and contact info if you would like to know far more.  The Xerox Color 8250 Production Printer is offered in two configurations and you can discover support for both at the Xerox Shade 8250 Manufacturing Printer with Xerox EX Print Server or the Xerox Coloration 8250 Manufacturing Printer with Xerox FreeFlow Print.  The help internet pages will guide by way of How Tos and Troubleshooting on the machine.  You will also find the motorists and downloads at these websites. 

Underneath is a video with an introduction to this extraordinary generation printer.  Just take a look and think about the prospects.

YouTube Preview Image



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