Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Q&A: flight discounts (promo codes ect) from NO to LA?

I am a very poor college student who really wants to go home to visit my family. I have been looking for some deals online. I will be flying out of New Orleans, LA and landing somewhere in S. CA (location is variable but I prefer San Diego or Ontario). I want to go home sometime in June of July for a week or two. I don’t need a car (unless it is free, lol) and definitely don’t need a hotel, just a flight. The only thing I have really found as far as promo codes go is 125 off a package deal from southwest but i don’t really need the car and it ends up being just under 600. The least expensive round trip i have found was around 330. I have heard that flying on Wed. is the cheapest although it looks like only by a few dollars. Any help, sites to check out, promo codes to use, better times to buy/fly is greatly appreciated! Thanks
student flight discounts southwest.

travelmaster:just because you get the package doesn’t mean you have to use it

Brian Paul:Yes.Plane tickets are the cheapest during the early part of week. Tickets prices follow a weekly cycle. Tuesday and Wednesday the good deals are the cheapest day to book tickets. Airline tickets prices are their highest on weekends. I can suggest you to check out Globester for your cheap flight tickets. You will definitely get discounted air tickets to match your specifications.

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