Sunday, September 30, 2012

Friend helping me with hotel discount?

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I am planning to meet up with a friend in NYC this spring.. I have a friend who works with a certain hotel line that can get me a good deal on the room, but my friends parents want to make sure there is somewhere for them to stay before approving the trip, I am just wondering what kind of proof might be ok since this is kind of under the table type stuff? Any ideas?
discount hotel rooms nyc.

aggiehook07:these kinds of “friends only” discounts happen on a regular basis, and odds are, your friend’s parents have probably gotten benefit of some kind of thing like this before. just be straight up with them, and they will probably go along with the plan and be thankful for the assistance

Melissa F:If the hotel is a big chain like Marriott or Hilton, they have a friends and family form that your friends manager has to fill out and you need to bring with you at check in. If you want to make this a legit trip, get the form and make the reservation. You will need a credit card. Get the conformation number and give it to your other friends. With out a confirmation number, I hate to say it, but you are SOL.

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