Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tire size difference?

is there a considerable difference between 215/75R15 and 225/70R15? i’ve run it through all the computer calculators online and compared them side by side (the spare is the correct size)…and discount tire (that put the wrong tires on way back in 06) keeps saying its fine, but i want a professional, unbiased opinion if possible. Thanks!
its a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4×4, all four tires installed are the wrong size, and in the owners manual it does have that tire size listed among 4 others, but i’m thinking that they chose 215′s for mine for a reason?
discount tire size calculator.

gracien69:Well…here’s the long version, I agree discount tire will say this from an availability standpoint its in there best advantage to sell sell sell. But differences are the details of your vehicle. You didn’t say what kind of SUV you have just by looking at the tire size I can just assume, but miles of testing ,safety ,engine size, MPG, equipment, and emergency maneuvers is calculated by the engineers that designed your vehicle, they are aware of tolerances, and weaknesses during certifications and tune this accordingly. So its safe to stay with the manufacturer recommendations for the tires printed in your manuel,door jam, and glove box. Short version …there similar but I hope discount tire didn’t install different sizes on the same axel ? ? ? Just my two cents worth.

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