Friday, April 13, 2012

Was the dress lady gaga was wearing real meat?

Is it real meat? Wouldn’t that smell and feel disgusting? look at those meat shoes lol

hahaha I knoww I was thinking that but I believe it was real meat and if I were her I would be ready to take a shower asap

i wouldn’t expect anything less from her

i hope the fried her in hell with barbeque

yes but ewww she is probably still taking showers hahaha



The bikini she wore on japanese vouge was real meat.

look at the shoes eww o_o
Personally i think it’s no different to wearing leather/fur. it’s just different parts of dead animal
i agree with faith, it is somewhat worse :(
i agree with faith, it is somewhat worse :(

Not the first time she wore raw meat. Her fashion sense in ridiculous. The black “dress” that she wore before that, looked like a bunch of garbage bags glued together.

I don’t think it was real, otherwise that’s really unsanitary.

But I agree, not much different than a leather suit, but most people flipped about it.

It was disgusting. I feel so sorry for Ellen Degeneres; she’s a vegan and she had to present the award to Gaga in that horrible outfit.
Gaga, I love you! Couldn’t you have made a statement some other way?

I like her music, but I think the outfit is gross and germy looking. Ugh!

My first reaction: “Disgusting!”
I agree, it’s not much different. I personally wouldn’t wear it though.

I think Lady Blah Blah is really really stupid and is just trying to get really famous make a lot of money and do whatever she wants. She is a murderer and should be treated as such just like any fur or leather wearer.

Her music sucks so she has to do ridiculous things to promote herself and her idiocy. If she didn’t act so ridiculous all the time maybe nobody would have ever paid attention to her and she would be able to fade away and never be seen again.

To be honest, I pretty much lost all respect for her after this. She said it wasn’t meant to offend vegetarians, but that’s really not the point. It doesn’t matter if it offends us, what matters is that there’s a bunch of dead animals on her. And yes, you’re right, it’s pretty much the same as fur and leather. But maybe worse. I mean, imagine how much meat was used in the “designing” process.
The saddest bit is that she’s not even really making any sort of statement like she claims to be doing. I mean, even after she explained it, it still made no sense and in no way supported her cause. My mom’s a meat-eater and constantly takes stabs at my lifestyle, but even she thought this was crossing a line. Besides, this was supposed to support gay rights? Seriously? As an omnisexual, I’m even more insulted by the whole idea. Wearing dead animals is no way to support any good cause.

Well, for one the dress she wore on the VMA shoe was not made of meat – it was made to look like meat.

And have you ever thought that she wore it as a statement indicating that is how she feels people in the entertainment industry treat her?

While I don’t know if she was really trying to make this statement, to me it seemed like “Well, if THIS is so shocking to you, why are you wearing leather?” Might as well be as direct as possible when wearing a dead animal.

That said, I think she’s a bit odd. Her outfits are always a bit “out there”, that’s for sure.

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