Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Do xbox 360 sales include returned units?

Xbox 360 sales are strong, but do those sales include returns due to Read Ring of Death or failed attempts at modding?

If they do, I wonder how many xbox 360′s are really in living rooms

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Kieran V: No.

they are fucking KILLING in the sales right now.

Martian Manhunter: They are so big because of the price. But the ps3 costs less money in the long run. And you put this under PlayStation.

R “n” D: the answer is YES—360s that are returned directly to the stores where many people bought extended warranties from the stores DO count. Because the stores individual warranty departments actually pay for the replacement 360 that the person walks out of the store with. … The 33% hardware failure rate is only based on the percentage of 360s that were returned to the stores because microsoft will not disclose how many 360s are returned directly to them.

So approximately 5,630,000 360s have been returned directly to the stores for store warranty replacement.

Now many 360 owners have taken advantage of their extended store warranties up to 3 sometimes 6 times. So many owners have owned up to 3 to 4 360s bought by the “best Buy” “gamestop” etc…store warranty departments.

Now factor in all the people who ran out and bought the elite even though they already owned a 360. And all of the people who didn’t at first have an in store warranty and before Microsoft extended the warranty to 3 years , Bought their own replacement 360s instead of paying microsoft $ 160 to fix their RROD 360s.

Now also consider how many kids that even today 01/18/08 call 1-800-4my-xbox and have some phone jockey at support tell them that in order to get their rrod 360 fixed they have to BUY the microsoft extended warranty for $ 100…. Some kids actually get tricked into thinking that the 3 year warranty cost money for Red ring. When these kids are informed that it doesn’t and to call Micorsoft support again and tell them to either send the box or they will have their parents join the class action suit All of a sudden the customer service guys remember that microsoft did extend the warranty. Well for those kids that didn’t call back they saved up and bought the arcade and put their harddrives on that. So there are even more repeat customers scenarios to consider as well.

I would estimate that there are a little less then 10 million homes with 360s and some have two .

NYY 27 in 07!!!: well, most people didnt want to wait to get it repaired so they went out and bought new ones. i would say about half of xbox’s sales are 2nd xbox for the person buying it…

adrianclay81882003: Xbox 360 sales shouldn’t reflect returned units, but I’m sure that many Xbox 360 owners purchased a 2nd Xbox 360 console such as the Halo Edition or Xbox Elite because it was “supposed” to have a lesser chance of getting the Red Ring of Death.

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Does anybody know roughly what the sales of the Xbox 360 are by demographic? I’m particularly interested in the following percentages

% of Female’s who own Xbox 360′s
% of Male’s (18 – 29) who own Xbox 360′s

White Xbox 360

joevsyou: umm this would be really hard to find out sorry u dont go buy xbox an say your girl or guy

but iam sure guys are in 85-90% then girls soemwhere around 10

JMN817: id say 95% guys
5% girls.

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everything_and_nothing: Amazon has a free Halo 3 and free 3 month Live subscription when you buy an elite console.

That’s the only deal I’ve seen.

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