Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Where to buy a pink stylish laptop bag for univeristy?

pink laptop bag
by ~kate~

I’m looking for a stylish laptop bag that i can use to hold my 17inch samsung laptop. Im looking for a bag that is unique and different. It doesn’t have to be pink, just a funky colour and design.
So if you know a website that is useful please tell :)


pc world do a rance

Hi Tiffy.
Frankie magazine had an article on laptop covers recently, I’ll give you the links.

Also, I saw one of your past question was about buying special effects hair dye in Australia.
I know this question was resolved but, just in case, I just purchased the dye from a website, living in australia myself.
Here is the link to purchase Special Effects dye:

Hope I’ve helped

You can buy a nice pink laptop bag online from

Hi Tiffy,

I actually run a laptop bag business – started it a few months ago. I import them from the USA to Australia – they are nothing like you get here and are super functional and stylish. Check out the range at I’m sure there will be a bag there you will love and the designs in the 17 inch or backpack are great.

Kind regards,

laptop deals uk.

probably at a store where they sell computers is the best place or maybe you could just get a regular pink bag that would protect your laptop and that it would fit in!

Try ebay .. here’s a direct link to pink laptop bags.

Try that is where I got my laptop case and love it. If you search for a coupon code there is usually one for a few bucks or percentage off.

You could try Target, eBay, or search google products. Type “pink laptop messenger bag” into google and then search it as a product. A bunch of results come up.

go to they have alot of cute ones or u could go to the target store

If you live in the States, has a great selection of bags for both him and her.

to″>laptop deals uk

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