Saturday, February 11, 2012

Q&A: Trying to find a certian laptop bag?

I’m looking for a black messenger laptop bag with hot pink lining. A girl in my college math class has it. I’m to picky for my own good. But I love hers. She received it as a gift and we couldn’t find a brand name on the bag. Only thing on it was a little black tag that had an “es” on it. I have googled like a crazy woman and NADA. PLEASE HELP!!! lol
I dont know how to reply on here. LOL the link shows me 4 bags and none of them are it. But thank you. I thought it might be by that company also. But havent found much on them.

I found it for you! Es laptop bag. You can order online from this shop.–brand-html

and toshiba tablet android 3.0

toshiba tablet price get

black and pink scallop document bag
quilted giant laptop case (in black)

thanks (:

black and pink!

black and pink scallop document bag!

I choose quilted giant laptop case bag.

pink! i like it
you can try here

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